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It's 200'.
I'd love to go back to racing 300', 330' or more, but most places don't have a safe enough track to go that fast or have enough shutdown.

Here's another one.
It rained about 1 1/2's between passes and it was pretty nasty.
This pass was in a Consistency class. (motor only. no nos ) You get two passes and whoever has the closest two times wins. Usually if you're more than .0010 difference you don't even get in the money. Sometimes this class pays as much as $5,000 for 1st place. It's not unheard of to have a $10,000 purse.
There's a 75 or 80 truck count minium to pay the full purse.
That use to not be hard to do a few years ago, but it's pretty hard to get that many now.

I really wish I could find a video of the first pass. I hit a big rut about 3/4 track and jumped it .
I sit so far back in the cab I hardly feel much of the wheelies or the truck moving around. It's like a Sunday afternoon drive to me :wink:
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