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Default Vacuum pump, high altitude, methanol

Hey guys, I'm running a 606 Ford, 15:1 compression, trick flow heads and intake. I had an aerospace components vacuum pump locked up on me, and replaced it with a moroso 3 vane vacuum pump. I didn't have a vacuum gauge when I was running the old pump. When I first put the moroso one on, I ran the fastest pass I've ever made,7.765 at 6400 ft DA, but since then, it has slowed up to around 8.0. in similar conditions. My Max vacuum reading is 7 inHg. It looks to be fluctuating while going down the track, and it seems like it is not pulling vacuum at idle.

My question is, what is a normal amount of vacuum to pull with the moroso 3 vane pump on methanol? I can't seem to find any information on how much it'll pull.
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